Disruption in the Financial Scene

Panel Discussion - Disruption in the Financial Scene

Event details: 6th August, Sunday, 2.00pm – 2:45PM at Seminar Room 3

With disruption being the NOW topic across all industries, what are the benefits that we can reap from disruption in the financial scene, example: robo-adviser, social trading etc. Hear from experts as they share their thoughts in this panel discussion.

MasterClass with Christopher Versace

MasterClass with Christopher Versace

Event details: 5th August, Saturday, 11am – 3pm at Suntec Convention Centre Room 324

Being the leader in Thematically Driven Strategies, Christopher Versace will be sharing in depth knowledge on thematic investing vs. trend investing and ways to read economy like a professional.
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SGX Pavilion


活动详情:8月6日2017年. 星期天, 早上9时至下午12时30分位于Suntec Convention Centre Room 331

2017 (下)的观盘3大重点?让亚洲股市教父胡立阳带您一起探讨。想要知道如何认识牛市末升段, 如何看待进入升息循环后的全球资金流向.详细资料请按

The Trading Zone

Panel Discussion – Investing at 20s, 30s, 40s

Event details: 6 August, Sunday, 10:30am – 11:15am at Seminar Room 3

It’s never too late to start investing. Join us and meet local investment bloggers to learn and explore how to kick start your journey at different stages of your life.

Whats On InvestIdol

Keynote Presentation by Speakers

Looking to invest beyond the local market? Hear from our Keynote Speakers as they share their views on opportunities and outlook across the region. Click here for seminar schedule.

Whats Expert in 30 Minutes

Expert in 30 Minutes

Featuring powerpack sessions where you can get to know in-depth knowledge on different asset classes and their respective benefits within 30 minutes!
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SGX Pavilion - Connecting You to a World of Opportunities

SGX Pavilion - Connecting You to a World of Opportunities

Join us as we uncover investment opportunities from mid and small cap listed companies as well as knowledge and use of ETFs.
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Insight - The Fool proof vision for investment opportunities

Insight - The "Fool" Proof Vision for Investment Opportunities

With the mission statement ‘To help the world invest. Better.’, The Motley Fool Singapore has been around for the past 4 years, sharing investing information and offering people suggestions on how to take control of their money and make better financial decisions.
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The Trading Zone

The Trading Zone

Step into The Trading Zone.
Powered by CME Group and TD Ameritrade, The Trading Zone will bring you insights on various trading strategies and a look towards the second half of 2017.
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